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Garner 682 series degausser model 682C s/n 9300440162

This unit came from a large computer manufacture in the area which has since closed. Is in excellent working condition!!!
The Garner 682C is designed for erasure of magnetic data storage media, including VHS, S-VHS, 4mm, 8mm, Becacam SP, U-Matic, and Digital Audio Tape.
Intuitive panel controls and a conveyor transport system provide simple operation and high throughput. Two powerful electromagnets mounted at a right angle to each other give complete, uniform erasure in a single pass. A fail-safe audible alarm monitors the field level of both electromagnets to ensure reliable erasure. The Garner 682B's ergonomic and reliable design is well suited for an office or an industrial environment.
Data processing centers will find the Garner 682 provides fast, convenient single-pass erasure of confidential information on 3480s, 3490s, DC600s, Betacam, VHS,
S-VHS, D-1, and similar storage cartridges. Multiple passes ensure erasure of 1500 oersted metal particle media, including Betacam SP, 4mm, 8mm and Digital Audio Tape.
Software manufacturers and duplicators may use the Garner 682 for high-density 3.5" and 5.25" diskettes when needing to recycle media or erase the signal left from certification. Video duplicators who require continuous operations will find this machine ideal for erasing large quantities of VHS and S-VHS cassettes. Plus, the 682 features an open conveyor design that makes it easy to interface with other equipment.
* TK50, TK70, TK85 cartridges
* 3 1/2" and 5 1/4" diskettes
* Completely erase media up to 850 oersted in a single pass
* One-pass erasure for VHS, S-VHS, 3480, 3490, 3490E, and 6150 cartridges
* Fast, quiet, safe operation
* Conveniently operates from 120 VAC outlet
* Degauss data-storage cartridges and computer media
* Office or industrial use-plugs into wall socket
* Throughput is 2000 per hour
* Duty Cycle is 100% Continuous
Please email for frieght qoute to your area!!
30 Day Warranty From Date Of Receipt!!

Garner 682 series degausser model 682C s/n 9300440162 Garner 682 series degausser model 682C s/n 9300440162