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English wheel 2X3 forming anvil set 2X8 urethane upper

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CNC Precision Machined 4140 Anvils and Urethane Upper Wheel.
THESE STEEL ANVILS ARE FULL RADIUS! And they are from Hoosier Pattern!
English Wheel Steel Forming Anvils and Urethane Upper Wheel Set
This is Our Forming Set-up for an English Wheel. Forming Wheels don't stretch the Metal, they Bend it, but these Anvils can also be used with a Steel Upper Wheel for Shaping Metal. I am a Firm believer in contacts on lower Anvils for Shaping, but there are many Craftsman who like Full Radius Anvils. These Anvils are also used when Forming Heavier Gage Material such as 12 gage and up.
Touching Up a Dented Panel is Simple to do with these Wheels and you don't have to worry about Stretching! Basically these Wheels turn your English Wheel a Bending Machine by bringing the Wheels together. The Urethane Upper Wheel is Soft enough so it can stretch over the Lower Full Radius Anvils. In the Pictures below the Tunnel I made was complete in less than 5 minutes. That same Tunnel can be Shrunk on the edges to create a motorcycle fender. Want to make Big Car Fenders? Use a Lower Crown Die! Get the Idea? You may have seen guys using a Go-Kart Slick over Full Radius Lower Anvils doing the Same Thing.
* Upper 2X8 Urethane Forming English Wheel(we also have 3x8's and 2x6's available)
* 6 Lower Full Radius 4140 Alloy Anvils
* 14 Installed Bearings(2- ¾" in the Upper, and 12- ½" in the Lowers)
* 6 1/2 Axles for the Lower Anvils are also included(3 Inches long each)
We Overpack all of our Items to guarantee a perfect delivery every time.
All Lower Anvils are CNC Engraved on the side with their Size.
1.25 Full Radius(1/8" corner radius)
2.00 Full Radius(1/8" corner radius)
4.00 Full Radius(3/16" corner radius)
6.00 Full Radius(3/16" corner radius)
8.00 Full Radius(1/4" corner radius)
10.00 Full Radius(1/4" corner radius)
Every Corner is Radiused on our Anvils, NO SHARP EDGES HERE otherwise you invite lines to your panels!
This Set is Also listed in Our Store, Retail Price is $401.00
If you have questions regarding anything to do with this Set please don’t hesitate to ask, e-mail ****@hoosierpattern.com
or call me Toll Free at 1-(***)-480-4870 ask for Joe
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English wheel 2X3 forming anvil set 2X8 urethane upper English wheel 2X3 forming anvil set 2X8 urethane upper English wheel 2X3 forming anvil set 2X8 urethane upper English wheel 2X3 forming anvil set 2X8 urethane upper