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New brand irwin 9/16" spade drill bit 88809 speedbor

Professional Grade High Performance
Brand New Irwin 9/16" Spade Drill Bit 88809 Speedbor
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Speedbor 2000 Wood Boring Bits, 9/16-inch diameter and 6 inches long, for 1/4-inch and larger electric drills. Bits are forged in one piece from Irwin's own special grade tool steel and heat-treated full length for extra overall strength. Micro-groove point and cutting edges have extended spurs for faster, cleaner boring action; bores two times faster, lasts three times longer. Irwin tools are made of only the finest materials, manufactured to exacting tolerances.
· Came from a major hardware retailer.
· Comes factory sealed, brand new packed in original factory packaging.
One Irwin Speedbor 9/16” bit 88809, brand new factory sealed. Not refurbished, not an open box, no lemon.
· Merchandise must be in original condition-open box items will not be accepted.
· For all warranty issues, contact manufacturer directly.

New brand irwin 9/16