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Marine grade non-skid tape (12" x 60')

The price is for a 12" x 60' roll of black marine grade non-skid tape (SG5112MB), other sizes available, please see our listings. Our marine grade non-skid products are built to allow a much better slip resistant surface than standard embossed PVC product, yet still gentle on bare foot traffic. This product is used by stair manufacturers in the marine industry for this unique property. Tape is easier to mop than standard anti-slip grit products. The tape is constructed of a medium grade semi-grip surface with an aggressive acrylic adhesive backing with removable clear plastic liner. Tape offers excellent wear and abrasion resistance and is suitable for use both indoors, outdoors and in wet conditions. Surface must be clean, dry and free on contamination prior to application. Data sheets can be found at

Marine grade non-skid tape (12