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Underground warning tape 3" X1000' transmission line

Underground Warning Tape - TRANSMISSION MAIN - DO NOT TAP
Quality, Made in USA goods - 10 roll lot
What is the world coming to when you lay 600 miles of underground something-or-other (ok, you caught us. We don't even know what a transmission main is...) and some num-nut in Podunk, Saskatchewan digs it up while fixing his fencing? Sure, not only do you have to go fix it, you have to go find it first, then you can fix it.
Don’t be fooled by other’s low priced, poorer quality product. This is a true 4 mil thick and is made with USA extruded, UV resistant film. (Don’t you just hate coming to this stuff underground and the contractor used the cheap stuff. You reach it and the ribbon has turned black with age. Heck, that could be a telephone line, or it could be a transcontinental gas line. “Feeling lucky?”)
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