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Paint spray booth floor filter roll-25"X300FT-premium

Thermal Paint Spray Booth Exhaust Floor Filter 25"x300'Feet.
This product is the Original Equipment 22 Gram Fiberglass Exhaust Filter media prepared in the Master Roll format of 25" wide. The roll is compression wound allowing 300 feet of media to be packed on a single roll. The space saving roll measures 20inches diameter,25 inches high. Known in the industry as "Euro Spec", this filter has outstanding paint holding capacity and over 99% efficiency on wet overspray .
There are many grades of fiberglass available, however this is the correct product that matches the manufacurer's original equipment specification. It will keep your burner, fans and stack, free of harmful paint residue when properly changed. Cut to size and you're done!
If you are using 15 or 18 gram fiberglass in your exhaust, you can improve your system cleanliness and operating efficiency by returning to the manufacturer's recommended product.
Please check our other store items if you have equipment that uses 30,24,20,36,40,45,and 60 inch widths.

Paint spray booth floor filter roll-25