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Agilent hp 16500C 16534A 16516A 16515A 16510B

Agilent HP 16500C 16534A 16516A 16515A 16510B
The 16500C Logic Analyzer Mainframe can be configured for a wide range of measurement tasks, including microprocessor debug with source-code referencing, timing verification and debug, software performance analysis, and characterization. Together with the 16501A Expander Frame (not included), it houses up to 10 type 16500 series measurement modules (not included). The unit has a color touchscreen, and is designed for use with a keyboard or mouse driven user interface. Menus can be remotely viewed and controlled from a PC or workstation.
The Agilent 16534A offers the advantages of a full-featured, deep memory, digitizing oscilloscope integrated into your Agilent logic analysis system.
* Use as a Standalone Scope with Many Channels
* Capture up to 32K on each of eight analog channels simultaneously (single time base).
* Measure slow and fast events with additional oscilloscope modules to create a multiple time base digitizing oscilloscope.
* For large channel count measurements, configure as many as 20 scope channels in a single system.
* Combine Scope with Other Logic Analysis Modules
* You can arm or trigger the oscilloscope from any module in the logic analysis system to capture and display the analog events that affect your digital system.
* Save Time with Autoscale, Auto-Measure, Voltage and Time Markers, and Colors.
* Select autoscale and the scope adjusts the time, voltage and trigger levels instantly for a stable display of your waveforms.
Agilent 16516A 16 Channel 1 GHz Expansion Card
Agilent 16515A 16 Channel 1 GHz Master Card
Agilent / HP 16510B State/Timing Analysis Card State and Timing Channels 80 Ch State/Timing Memory 1 KB Conventional Timing Speed 100 MHz
Includes mouse and keyboard. Email me at ****@pacbell.net for pdf manuals to review.

Agilent hp 16500C 16534A 16516A 16515A 16510B Agilent hp 16500C 16534A 16516A 16515A 16510B