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Ground 15/16" x 5" sine bar

* Measures angles accurately
* Sine bar & rolls are hardened and ground for extreme accuracy
* Top surface accuracy is 0.00003" par inch of length
* Center to center distance between center of rolls, accurate within 0.0002"
* Holes furnished throughout unit to facilitate clamping
* The item sold here is the sine bar in the front, other items sold separately
We have 3-1/2x3x2-1/2 Webbed Angle Plates available in the warehouse!
If you need to speak to a sales person feel free to call. We are open monday through friday 8:30 to 5:00 est. Phone: 1-(***)-939-9989
Illinois resident adds 7.5% sales tax.
Any questions regarding our tools, feel free to email us at DISCOUNTMACHINE@AOL.COM

Ground 15/16