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1/2" clear cell cast acrylic plexiglass sheet 12" x 24"

1 Sheet 1/2" Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet
Sheet size is 12" x 24" - +/- 1/16"
Cast acrylic sheet gives the high molecular weight benefits of cast acrylic, combined with outstanding thickness consistency! Cast acrylic sheet is always superior to extruded acrylic sheet when you are doing any cutting or polishing.
Cast acrylic sheet is easier to fabricate and will not melt when cutting or fabricating. It polishes to a crystal clear clarity and is the superior brand for all types of projects.
Cast acrylic sheet is 10 times stronger than glass and half the weight!
Weather Resistance: Cast acrylic sheet will withstand exposure to blazing sun, extreme cold, sudden temperature changes, salt water spray, etc.
Lightweight: Cast acrylic sheet is light, having only half the weight of glass and 43% the weight of aluminum.
Rigidity: Cast acrylic sheet does not have the rigidity of glass or metals. However, it is more rigid than many other transparent plastics such as acetates, butyrates, polycarbonate, and polyester.
UV Light Resistance: Clear acrylic sheet resists ultraviolet light degradation. Each acrylic sheet will last years and years without yellowing or loss of light transmission.
Do you need this sheet in a custom size? We offer custom cut pieces, any size up to 36” x 48”, in any color or thickness we offer.