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Pinnacle 1000CAB recovery unit

Includes everything from the original package:
Power: 110VAC PRI. 24VCD Control
Length: 18" for 1000CB & 19" for 1000CA, Width: 13", Height: 13"
Refrigerant Types: R-12, 500, 22, 502
The 1000CAB has two stages of filtration. First it filter the vapor before it is sent back to the 1000CB where it is converted to liquid and then returs to be filtered as a liquid. It then is sprayed into the separation chamber where large amounts of non-condensible gases will be sotred and identified to be purged off. It has a temperature sensor to tell the operator if the ambient conditions are to hot and sub-cooling is needed. A selector switch tells the logic of the machine what gas it is working with, enabling it to perform various functions critical to successful operatoin. An outlet sight glass shows the flow of liquid refrigerant going out of the unit and indicates high moisture is present. The entire system can be pumped down into an external storage cylinder minimizing loss of refrigerant.
The 1000CB has a compressor oil drain provided so that contaminated oil or over fill of oil can be drained off. A compressor oil level sensor monitors the oil level in the crankcase of the compressor to let the operator know when a low oil condition exists.

Pinnacle 1000CAB recovery unit Pinnacle 1000CAB recovery unit Pinnacle 1000CAB recovery unit