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16" steel eagle little floater surface cleaner

Steel Eagle's 16" Little Floater Surface Cleaner
Steel Eagle 16" Surface Cleaner with Brass rotary union, "Y" shaped handle, two nozzle spray bar, pistol grip trigger gun and brush skirt.
*****Picture shows both 12" and 16" Little Floater models. This listing is for the 16" Little Floater only.*****
Maximize Your Pressure Washer's Effectiveness!
The Steel Eagle Surface Spinner uses force generated by your pressure washer to spin two spray nozzles at high speeds, which maximizes cleaning on flat surfaces. It produces consistent quality and cuts cleaning time by as much as 66%. It also decreases operator fatigue, so it virtually pays for itself in no time at all!
The union is long-lasting and dependable; and durable, lightweight aluminum construction means long life.
Surface Spinner Specifications:
Standard Nozzle size (others available upon request)
For any questions please call or email Jim at:
Email: ****@steeleagle.com